How my passion can help you

Does your data tick the right boxes?

Would you base important business decisions on data you knew to be incomplete, inappropriate or inaccurate? Of course not. But how confident are you that your business critical data is as complete, appropriate and accurate as you need it be?

I’m passionate about the benefits that applying common sense data quality management brings to the end to end data supply chain.

I help organisations to maximise the business value they derive from their business critical data. I help identify which data generates the most value. I then help them to measure the quality of critical data, and to correct data quality problems that are impacting revenue, costs, customer experience or regulatory compliance.

Data Quality Management presents the same challenges to all businesses in all industries. The challenges include:

What is our most critical data?
Where is the data, where does it come from?
Who owns the data?
What should it contain?
What does it contain?
What should we do if our most critical data does not contain what it should?
I have faced and solved the above challenges and more.

Contact me today to see how I may be of help.