Craig Newmark on Information Quality

"Craig Newmark on Information Quality"

Craig Newmark on Information Quality

Craig Newmark, the founder of Craigslist is visiting Dublin at the moment.  He is a keynote speaker at the Dublin Web Summit on Thursday 4th Feb 2010.

I spotted the following quote from Craig about information quality in an interview with the Sunday Business Post, Ireland’s leading business newspaper.

‘‘Large organisations are normally run in a way that people tell their boss what they think their boss wants to hear, and that continues right up the ladder,” he said. ‘‘Because of this, the result is that the people making decisions rarely get good-quality information. In small organisations, commentary and decision-making happens much closer to the ground.”

Craig’s comment struck a chord with me, due to a recent conversation I had with the Data Quality Manager of a large Enterprise.   Senior management in his organisation believe the information quality within the organisation is “OK”.  They believe this because the information “looks reasonable”, and the people who provide the information to them are “good people”.

Given Craig Newmark’s observation, I suspect that the information quality may not be “OK”.

In the future, with the swing from principles to rules based regulation, senior management will need to provide evidence of the quality of the information on which regulatory submissions are based.

I discuss this topic further in two related posts “Achieving Regulatory Compliance – The devil is in the data“, and “What questions will the regulator ask“.   If you get a chance, read some of the comments – they provide  helpful insights – and if you have the time, please comment yourself.

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