He who knows not and knows not that he knows not…

According to the proverb, one should shun “He who knows not and knows not that he knows not”, since “he is a fool”.

As data quality professionals, seeking to earn a crust in challenging times, we do not have the luxury of shunning potential clients.

Most Enterprises know that mission critical decisions are based on accurate, timely, reliable information.  Unfortunately, too many Enterprises:

  • Know not that accurate, timely, reliable Information depends on the quality of the underlying data.
  • Know not that they know not the importance of data quality to their mission critical decision making.

However, these Enterprises are no fools.  They are successful Enterprises.  They could be even more successful, armed with information that is more accurate, more timely and more reliable.

One of the greatest challenges that faces our profession is to “inform”, “teach”, and “sell” the criticality of data quality to those Enterprises who currently “know not and know not that they know not”.