Common Enterprise Wide Data Governance Issues: #8 Accessibility of Data is poor

This post is one of a series dealing with common Enterprise Wide Data Governance Issues.  Assess the status of this issue in your Enterprise by clicking here: Data Governance Issue Assessment Process

Accessibility of Data is poor.

  • Business users find it difficult to identify who to ask regarding where to find required data (information).
    e.g. Compliance Units regularly receive regulatory requests for new details.  In some enterprises it is unclear who the Compliance Unit should ask regarding locating the required data (information).
  • Busines users experience difficulty and delays in locating required data (information).
  • Miscommunication between the business and IT lead to IT misinterpreting the data requirement and identifying inappropriate data.

Impact: Projects dependent on existing data must locate the data from first principles, and face the risk of not finding the data, or identifying inappropriate sources.

Agree and implement the following policies:

  1. Overall ownership for data within the Enterprise lies with the CIO.
  2. Ownership for data within each Business Unit lies with the CIO and the head of the Business Unit.
  3. The CIO and head of each business unit must appoint a person with responsibility for the provision of data from that business unit, to those who require it.  This person is also responsible for the measurement and maintenance of data quality within the business unit.
  4. The CIO and head of each business unit must appoint a single point of contact to handle requests for data / information.

Your experience:
Have you faced the above issue in your organisation, or while working with clients?  What did you do to resolve it?  Please share your experience by posting a comment – Thank you – Ken.