Follow Friday – My Master Data Copy

Henrik Sørensen, @hlsdkis a data expert based in Copenhagen.
Henrik came up with the excellent idea applying Data Management to #FF #FollowFriday within Twitter.
You may view Henrik’s original blog post at

Henrik not only includes the Twittter ID, but the person’s LinkeIN ID (He performs #datamatching with LinkedIn connections to improve #dataquality through Identity Resolution).

Added Monday 31st August 2009 (takes time to manage !)

@ocdqblog is a blog where is blogger-in-chief

@dataqualitypro is an online community for Data Quality Professionals founded by

@Datanomic Steve Tuck – Chief Strategy Officer at Datanomic

@stevesarsfield Data Governance Evangelist at Harte-Hanks Trillium Software

@bonnieoneill data architect and author of 3 books 

Added Friday 14th August 2009

@hlsdk is

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