Common Enterprise Wide Data Governance Issues: #7 No SLAs defined for required quality of critical data

This post is one of a series dealing with common Enterprise Wide Data Governance Issues.  Assess the status of this issue in your Enterprise by clicking here:  Data Governance Issue Assessment Process

In some organisations there is a platitute that states: ‘The Business is responsible for the quality of the data’, but…

  • There are no SLAs defined for the required quality of critical data (Master Data)
  • There is no measurement performed of the actual quality of the data
  • The are no processes available to “The Business” to enable them to measure the quality of the data

Impact: Multiple enterprise wide data quality issues.

Agree and implement the following policies:

  1. “The business” must be provided with Standard Enterprise wide data quality measurement processes and tools
  2. Business units must regularly measure the quality of critical data, using standard Enterprise wide processes and tools, and must agree SLAs with the users of the data defining the target quality level.
  3. Where necessary, business units must implement data quality improvement measures to meet the quality defined in the agreed SLA.

Your experience:
Have you faced the above issue in your organisation, or while working with clients?  What did you do to resolve it?  Please share your experience by posting a comment – Thank you – Ken.