Common Enterprise Wide Data Governance Issues: #6 No Enterprise-Wide Data Quality Measurement of existing Data Content

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Impact: ‘If you do not measure, you cannot manage.’

There is a risk that either Data Quality is not measured at all, or is measured on a piece-meal localised basis, using non-standard processes and producing questionable results.

Agree and implement the following policy:

  1. The quality of critical data (Master Data), in critical databases must be measured regularly, using an Enterprise wide standard set of processes and tools, producing a standard set of quality metrics covering a standard set of quality dimensions.
  2. Data quality SLAs must be agreed and implemented between the owners of the data, and the end users of the data.

Your experience:
Have you faced the above issue in your organisation, or while working with clients?  What did you do to resolve it?  Please share your experience by posting a comment – Thank you – Ken.