Common Enterprise Wide Data Governance Issues: #3 No culture of Data as an ‘asset’, or ‘resource’

Some enterprises fail to recognise the true value of their data.  This post is one of a series dealing with common Enterprise Wide Data Governance Issues.  Assess the status of this issue in your Enterprise by clicking here:  Data Governance Issue Assessment Process


  • There is little value attributed to capturing and maintaining high quality ‘informational’ or ‘Master data’.
  • The other Enterprise Wide Data Governance Issues in this series are all symptoms of the failure of the enterprise to treat Data as a corporate asset.  An Enterprise that treats Data as a valuable corporate asset understands the value of data, and is likely to have addressed the issues I have identified.

Agree and implement the following policies:

  • Data must be treated as a valuable Enterprise asset, that can assist the Enterprise achieve its strategic objectives, and must be invested in proportionally to other Enterprise assets.
  • The CIO is responsible for ensuring that the quality of Master data is measured, target data quality levels are agreed, and measures are implemented to meet the defined targets.

Your experience:
Have you faced the above issue in your organisation, or while working with clients?  What did you do to resolve it?  Please share your experience by posting a comment – Thank you – Ken.

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